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Premium: This membership is the basic one of all. You still recieve CSGO analysis, but that’s it. I’m basically just posting. No giveaways, just basic stuff guys/girls.
Insider: This membership is the next one up @ $6.99, this one gives you CSGO, NBA, MLB, NFL & every other sporting event that I bet out there. I keep you guys extremely close & give out even insider information? ScreaM slept with Juliano? WHAT. No serious though I have information that is so important when it comes to matches including living conditions, sleep, sicknesses & more.
Prime: Is the best bang for your buck. Purchasing this actually saves you money down the road as it pays for 3 months and you get everything Insider has + a discount. Extra prizes as well that seperates you from Insider (prizes will be released in 1-2 months).
Payment Methods: – PayPal – Stripe – Bitcoin (manually added): *Premium: 6$ in btc // Insider: 9$ in btc // Prime: 13$ in btc address: 3FTbXi77pRCbzJj26nQbRFnXwfo1bjeiCy (please message me on discord when you have purchased this) – Skin/Key payment: *Premium: 4 keys // Insider: 6 // Prime: 9 : (please leave your account/email so we can upgrade you)